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of the white man's God. He made a long speech.
He said that the Indians must lay down their arms
and live peaceably alongside the white man who
was coming Into his country.

When the missionary finished his speech, our
chief arose and addressed him. He said:

'Why do you tell us to be good? We Indians
are not bad; you white people may be, but we are
not. We do not steal, except when our horses
have been raided; we do not tell lies; we take care
of our old and our poor when they are helpless,
We do not need that which you tell us about/

'But1, said the missionary 'there Is only one

'Then if that Is true3, said our chief, £we Indians
are worshipping the same God that you are—only
in a different way. When the Great Spirit,, God,
made the world He gave the Indians one way to
worship Him and He gave the white man another
way5 because we are different people and our lives
are different. The Indian should keep to his way
and the white man to his, and we should all work
with one another for God and not against one
another. The Indian does not try to tell you
how you should worship God, We like to see
you worship Him in your way, because we know
you understand that way/

*But the Great Spirit you speak of is not the
same one that we worship/ said the missionary.